Monday, September 26, 2011

Blower Doors 101

Building houses today are more complicated than the yesteryears. Today, houses need to undergo several tests and calibration in order to determine the homeowner’s comfort and the ease and ability of the household to conserve energy. A structure' energy integrity has to be evaluated from time to time by these experts.

Before, constructing houses simply needed architects, carpenters and builders. Someone duly licensed to take building performance tests will perform the survey on houses. Energy efficiency is their main concern.

Several government agencies are responsible for educating homeowners on how to make a home more energy efficient. Subscribing to the Energy Star Program will greatly reduce discomfort at home while maximizing savings on the consumption of energy. It is now enforced in several departments.

Proper implementation is their main responsibility. Once all the tests were done, they can give advice on how to improve use of energy in one's home. There are many devices that an energy auditor might use in his evaluation and one of them is a blower door.

The device can be employed on a number of building assessments. Clear Agent Retention tests, potency against air and water leakages are some of its uses. This is how a blower door works.

This device works by securing it onto the door and turning on the fan. Because of the pressure that has built up internally, air will try to escape through the gaps that are present in the structure. The tighter the building, the less air gets into the building and less air is needed to build pressure within the enclosed area.

Leaky joints will then be sealed off. Several adjustments in the intensity of air being forced inside the structure are necessary to verify if seepage is present in the enclosure. A system of computation will be used to determine the exact location of trouble.

A leading blower door manufacturer and supplier is Conservation Strategies. It's called the Minneapolis Blower Door. Various experts concerned with energy conservation think that their product is trustworthy.

The company, aside from making diagnostic tools, likewise does energy auditing for homeowners. They have developed a blower door, called the Minneapolis which keeps the air pressure at its desirable rate. It is a good example of an effective blower door that may be used in several forms of structural testing.

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